Underpinning in Deerfield Beach

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Most structures and homes are built directly upon the soils and they rely on the uppermost soil layers to provide sufficient bearing capacity to support the structure and keep the foundation stable. Poorly prepared soil prior to construction or buried vegetation, and/or debris, deep in the ground over time can break down and shift. Changes in the soils composition caused by extreme weather variances and climatic changes also create stresses on the soils causing settlement. Generally speaking when the underlying soil moves the structure resting upon the soil will move correspondingly. This movement can cause problems with the structure.

Helical Steel driving rams are used here to raise the corner of the house

Signs of Structure Settlement

  • Stair step cracks and Horizontal cracks in Exterior walls
  • Stucco cracking and delamination
  • Uneven floors
  • Windows and Doors sticking or binding
  • Drywall separations

Solution: The structure will be reviewed by one of our Professional Geotechnical Estimators. A complete method of repair will then be designed to arrest the vertical movement of the structure.

Southern Coast Foundation Systems utilizes high strength steel pier sections that are hydraulically driven through a heavy duty steel angle bracket that is attached to the base of the concrete slab or beam. The steel piers are driven to bearing strata or a depth as determined to achieve complete vertical resistance. A key benefit of the SCFS Underpinning System is each pier is load tested to achieve the engineered bearing capacity. This sophisticated system procedure eliminates the chance of piers being installed into a false refusal zone, thus guarantying permanent stabilization of your foundation. If the foundation is to be lifted, our unique system allows us the capability to lift slowly and accurately without applying undo stress to critical bearing points. When the affected area of the foundation is re-positioned and or stabilized the steel pier is then permanently locked into the bracket.

On the majority of foundation stabilization projects, Windows and doors that used to stick will once again work properly. Cracks in walls will close and become repairable and furniture will sit level again.

All our Stabilization procedures come with our Ironclad guarantee. Now you can have the peace of mind knowing your foundation is stabilized and solid.
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