Soil Stabilization in Deerfield Beach

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Soils can become unstable due to Gravitational effects on loose granular type soils causing movement and creating voids in between particles. Clay type soils can expand and shrink due to climatic changes causing the soil to swell and shrink causing movement. Buried Organic matter in the underlying soil will decay over time leaving voids that will result in unstable conditions.

Soil erosion along seawalls is caused by constant tidal changes eroding away and washing the soils out from under the seawall. Wave action against the outside of the seawall over time can cause scouring in front of the base of the seawall. These conditions if left alone can cause structural instability and lead to eventual collapse and failure of the seawall.

Soil failure and washouts causing seawall collapse

Solutions: Southern Coast Foundation Systems has the training and expertise to inject life back into your Soil with a variety of environmentally friendly resins and foams that are specially formulated for whatever your soil instability problems are.

There are two main methods to stabilizing soils, Permeation grouting and Compaction Grouting.

Permeation Grouting: This method is performed by injecting a liquid resin into the ground so that the resin permeates the soil prior to reacting. This reaction can be controlled by the introduction measured amounts of catalyst and or water. Once reacted the soil and resin form a strong, solid impermeable mass in the ground that increases the load bearing capacity of the soil.

Compaction Grouting: This method is performed by injecting fast setting polyurethane foam into the loose soil. The foam expands rapidly forming balls or columns of dense structural foam. The expansion compacts the surrounding soils and increases load bearing capacity.

Key Points:

  • Environmentally Safe, as it is an Inert Product
  • Fast Curing
  • Subsurface Infrastructure Repair and Rehabilitation
  • Preconstruction Soil Modification
  • Moisture Displacement Under Slabs

Overview of resin injection to stabilize soils and column build ups using resins